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All is tranquil except for a few muted sounds – the bubbling of a mountain brook, cool breezes passing by, and pines whispering. Suddenly, the satisfying “tink” of a golf swing. Another perfect, sun-drenched morning of golf at Hound Ears has begun.

Our award-winning golf course is the crown jewel of Hound Ears Club. Surrounded by lush, colorful mountains on just about every side, the 18-hole course stands as one of the preeminent clubs in the High Country, as well as North Carolina. But, don’t take our word for it, just ask the North Carolina Golf Panel – they rated Hound Ears among the Top 100 in the state for the seventh consecutive year in 2013.

Hound Ears Golf Course was designed by George Cobb in 1964. Cobb created more than 100 golf courses throughout his long career, including the par-three course at Augusta National.

Dubbed one of the top scenic mountain courses in America, the links meander along a verdant valley and across streams, lakes and waterfalls.

Each of the impeccably manicured holes offers a different golfing challenge.

Hound Ears Golf Course is a private course open to Club members and their guests. Rental guests are also allowed to play the course if they are staying in a property that has full access to the Club.

For more information about the course or for a complete membership packet, call (828) 963-5831 or e-mail [email protected]